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If you want to make a flat stomach, you have to follow regular correct diet plan and exercise. Reduce sugar products and starch as much as possible. You need to follow set of exercise daily basis. Spend at least 30minutes for your daily exercises. 

1. First you have to control carbohydrates rich vegetables. And try to eat fruits than drinking them.

Avoid adding sugar for your fruit juices. 

Avoid from alcohol and sweet products. 

2. Second step - You should consume vegetables for your breakfast. Add salads for your lunch and dinner. Do not try to depend on meat and take proteins from vegetables too.  Control butter products and use olive or coconut oil.  If you eat grains or rice reduce 50% of potion from it. Because you need to control carbohydrates.

3. Third step -If you want to get the maximum result of your exercise you should avoid having meals after 7PM

But If you need to eat, have light food (without rich in heavy nutrients). Small amount of boiled vegetables are good alternative.

You can consume 3 meals for day.

You have to follow this diet plan for one month.

4. Fourth Step – 

Do exercises daily, cycling, walking, running are best exercises. You should spend at least 10minutes for exercising daily. Or you can increase the duration with adding another 5minutes for every other day. 

If you cannot do exercises daily, try to eat only for 2 meals per day. And you can have fruit juice instead for other meal.

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