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Urinary Infections –Incontinence are not a serious health problem, but it is very uncomfortable and suffering problem for patients. Most of them do not take medicines, and they try to keep it as a secret. This problem can come temporally as affect of some kind of foods and medicines too. 

Mainly These problems can happen according to 3 Reasons. 

1. As a result of over -activities of your bladder.

2. With the pressure of some other physical activities like laughing, cough or adventures and riskfull activities.

3. Weakness of bladder, nerves disorder and inability to discharge urine completely at one time. Then urine can be leak unconsciously.

If you have above problem or symptoms, simply follow these Tips. It will help to avoid discomfort to some extent.

• Do not wash your genital areas so often.

• Keep a piece of cloth, toilet sheets to use for urgent occasion.

• Apply some jelly or cream to avoid skin infections.

• Always keep extra under wears in your bag.

• If necessary keep a bed pan near your bed.

• Use carpets between the bed and toilet.

• Sleep in the room that has attached toilet facilities.

• If you have nervous problem better to go for treatments. In some cases This Urinary Infections –Incontinence can cause due to nervous problems.

Always wear clean under wares and cloths otherwise bacteria and infections in urine can spread in to skin and genitals or other areas too.

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