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Mascara made with using natural ingredients and chemicals. Some of chemicals are toxic metals. Mercury, Aluminum dust and Bentonite are examples. Eyes are one of most sensitive part of our body. Therefore you should be careful to select best product. Unfortunately we cannot make sure about the mascara products in markets, majority of them are made with some essential chemical ingredients and few natural ingredients.  Those ingredients can cause to make irritations and some kind of harmful effects to your eyes. Mascara products are usually expensive. Have you thought about a natural and cheaper product? Perhaps you haven’t much knowledge about it. But good news is we can make a toxic free cheaper solution, mascara at home. You just need only 4 ingredients .

How To Make a Chemical Free mascara at your home?

You need 1 tablespoon of Bentonite clay, 1 tea spoon of vegetable glycerin, 1 table spoon of charcoal and very small quantity of Aloe

Mix all the ingredients in order to make a liquidize paste, and store it inside a dry and clean small container. And Use an empty eye dropper to fill and apply mascara on eyelashes. 

These homemade mascara is free from any allergies or bad chemicals. However when you apply it be careful and avoid dropping the mixture inside to eyes. 

Those ingredients are very cheap and some of them help to protect your eye from germs or bacteria, specially glycerin works as anti-bacterial agent. 

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