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This magical formula will be helpful to whitening your skin, It is free from chemical toxins therefore anyone can follow the treatment easily. 

Here are two steps.

1. STEP-1

First you have to make a scrub to clean and remove dead tissues.

Take some sugar, orange juice, Olive oil and honey and mix them well. Then apply it on your skin areas hands, shoulders and legs. Then massage it for few minutes. 


Then wipe it off with a wet cloth or cotton swab.

Finally wash your face with warm water.  

2. STEP-2

Secondly you should make the pack

Take some rice flour, quarter spoon of baking soda, And few spoon of orange juice

Mix them well mad make the pack.

Take the thick layer of the mixture and apply over skin areas.

Leave it about a half an hour,

Then massage gently and wash it off with water.

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